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24 August 2013 @ 10:43 pm
Looking Back  
Man, things were fun back in the old days.

I've been looking back over this LiveJournal today and reliving some interesting experiences. I first got my account here back in 2002, when LJ was actually still an invite-only community. jenniever sent me the invite -- I'm not even quite sure why, really -- and I started this thing up. I was never really comfortable with it, though... whereas other people were able to post good spur-of-the-moment, emotional, well constructed entries, I had to edit mine to death, and generally deleted them rather than actually put them up. Most of what did get posted are so over-though and over-edited that they retain very little of what I'd initially intended.

Back then, the internet seemed so much more interesting, because I was just getting really "exposed" to it. I'd had email and so on before, yeah -- I had email as far back as 1996, using my old Commodore 128 -- but in 2002, I was just starting out with things like AIM and so on. I had just gotten, and was using, a Mac, and finding ways to do things on that machine -- and remember, this is 2002, not 2012, so Apple wasn't firmly entrenched as the consumer products monolith that it is now -- was frustrating, to say the least. Nothing was cross-compatible. You simply couldn't do video chat (I don't think there were even any webcams that worked with the Mac) or audio chat, and half the time simple things like file transfers between OSes ended hilariously bad half the time.

My machine, since that time, has gone from a poorly supported PowerMac to a well supported MacBook Pro (though I still use the Phoenix application to post to this), and when searching back through some of my bookmarks (which I have kept all these years), I find that most of the websites I used back then to supplement my search for software are defunct. Even LiveJournal seems largely defunct: exactly zero of the people that I was "friends" with on this are still using it, and even I have barely made any use of it in the past few years.

Not that anybody actually read it, anyway, mind you.

I have a blog called Just West of Hell. I used to write a semi-regular internet column and that site is what it has morphed into. I had, initially, hoped to use this LiveJournal for something of the sort, and then later decided that I would use it instead for "personal" kinds of entries. Neither really happened.

Everything now is Facebook and Twitter -- again, more things that I've never quite gotten the hang of -- so I don't know what to do with this elderly contraption of a blog. It's sitting here, it has a choice username (I mean, seriously, could it get better than ajh.livejournal.com?), and zero people read or use the thing anymore. I stopped paying for my premium membership because I didn't see the point, so most of the awesome userpics that I made are lost. Lord knows what else is.

I wish I could mirror the thing on my computer in case the LJ servers go teats up. That'd be excellent because, though I never could figure out how to use the thing, it is kind of a nice stroll down memory lane... though some of those memories, perhaps, I'd rather forget.

So I guess I'll just leave it here, languishing in the garbage dump of forgotten internet, like so many other people have. And when it eventually goes down -- like the sites I had at GeoCities, AOL Hometown and Longshot Productions -- I'll hope for a mirror or something to pop up somewhere. That's why half the pictures don't load anymore, you know, because they were hosted on my webspace at AOL Hometown or GeoCities. Eh, maybe the WayBackMachine can archive this... though it didn't archive my GeoCities or AOL pages.

I don't know, Man. I'm finding it hard to really put into words what I'm thinking. 2002 was so long ago. I've been through like four jobs, five living situations... a plethora of girlfriends and exes... and yet it sort of still seems like 2002 was just yesterday. Or maybe last week, more aptly. Near enough to actively feel the contrast.

Whatever. Carry on.

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