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09 January 2016 @ 10:50 pm
Good lord, sometimes I miss AIM.  

7.03.2002 3:09 PM

Derision667: Howdy.
Charlsie: Hey You
Charlsie: I got yelled at for telling someone that Grimace is a milk shake
Derision667: Oh?
Charlsie: I got into an argument with someone over it
Derision667: What'd they believe that he was?
Charlsie: They didn’t have an answer for that they just said that he was purple and fuzzy and that milk shakes aren’t fuzzy
Derision667: They are if you leave them out long enough.
Derision667: When was the last time Grimace was refrigerated?
Charlsie: Good point I’m going to have to bring that up next time I’m in Literature class
Derision667: That might also explain why he's purple.
Derision667: I've never left a milkshake out that long, but I'm sure there's some kind of color things that happen.
Charlsie: Could be.... don’t think I’m gonna find out anytime soon
Derision667: Tell you what. I got a milk shake last night. I'll start leaving it out now, and in twenty years or so... I'll check it and see if it's purple.
Charlsie: Deal
Derision667: You know... that could also explain the name. After twenty years, that milk shake has got to have a smell.
Derision667: The kind of smell that might even make you... GRIMACE.
Charlsie: !!!
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