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I am Spartacus
16 December 2010 @ 03:12 pm
So, some five years ago, back when ICQ for Mac was only slightly stale, I got an instant message on it. It was spam, but it was blatantly selling... spam. As in, it was trying to sell an email service for sending spam, and it even used the word spam to describe what it was doing. I couldn't help but think that was kind of hilarious, and I made a quickie blog post about it which featured a little picture of the window that I'd chopped out of a screenshot I'd made of it.

This was back when there was still such a thing as Geocities, and I used that service to host the picture, not thinking that it'd ever disappear. It has, though, and as a result, the picture has been lost to me for some time.

So earlier, I was doing an entirely unrelated Google image search, and what do I find?

I found my clearly purloined image on one of those random software download sites that are all over the place and rarely have anything useful to differentiate one from another. This one happened to be Brothersoft, and it was an entry for ICQ for MacOS 8.6. Here is a link to the actual entry (scroll down a bit to see it) and, in defense of this site, the download link actually DOES download ICQ 3.2b5, which is the correct version for OS8 (though it is not the verson that I was using in that screenshot; that was 3.4, and I was also using MacOS 9).

Either way... what is this image, which I took of my own screen for my own blog, doing on some random software download site... a site which even had the pomposity to add their own watermark to the image!

Well, I can be pretty certain that they didn't get it off of my blog. I know this for two reasons: one, because nobody reads this to begin with and two, because the chintzy censoring of the spambot's ICQ number looks just like it does here:

And that image was censored (though not really, because he kind of forgot the chat window bits) by my friend Joerg, who reposted it on his blog around the same time I did. So I'm pretty sure that Brothersoft lifted it from his blog or his Flickr or wherever he's got the thing hosted.

Ultimately, though, I don't know how to feel about it. I mean, I'm happy that I have my tiny screenshot back and can now edit my original entry so that the IMG SRC points towards a file that exists but, at the same time, I feel a little bit... abused, maybe, for having my junk purloined by so random an entity. I feel like I should start looking around for other things; maybe one of my old screenshots will wind up on a Wikipedia entry for MacOS 8. Or maybe the picture of my work iMac will migrate over to an article at LowEndMac or something. Maybe I should start some kind of recovery campaign, throw in some fair use clauses and whatnot and unleash my lawyer upon those that'd dare snip up my graphics.

Or maybe that's just too much work.

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I am Spartacus
13 July 2010 @ 09:32 am

Er... really? You think?
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I am Spartacus
28 June 2010 @ 10:27 pm

AJH: I just realized I have a 3.5" floppy drive.
Bryan: that works?
AJH: Yeah. It's an external USB drive. I think I may have stolen it from work without realizing it.
Bryan: dude, you can fit 33% of a typical mp3 on there!
AJH: I know! It could hold almost ONE photo off my camera.
Bryan: what are you going to do with your newly found storage space?
AJH: Man, I dunno. The options are... pretendous.
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I am Spartacus
23 March 2010 @ 05:19 pm
Just saw this on the advertisement sidebar of Facebook:

Well, that guy definitely graduated at his own pace.

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I am Spartacus
27 February 2010 @ 10:19 pm
So I sometimes check my slightly ancient Yahoo mail address, though more often than not I forget to check it because I don't really use it.

The other day, I decided to go through it and it was, of course, loaded with spam. As I was checking it on my iPod Touch, I was just sifting through the messages, deleting them when they came on, until I found this one:

It's spam. The subject line is clearly spam. It has a big ugly blue link sending me somewhere I daren't go. And...

Wait a minute.

The rest of the text is... it's Hemingway! Good Christ, it's The Old Man and the Sea.

I don't know, but nothing fills me with unbridled rage quite as much as when I see something as unsavory as email spam using a literary classic as... as filler!

I need to go cry now.

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I am Spartacus
03 December 2009 @ 07:32 am
Ralph the walrus looked sternly at his wife, Bernice. "What do you mean I called you?"

"I was sure I heard you calling me," Bernice replied. "It was unmistakable. Could have sworn... it sounded just like you!"

"I've been here the whole time," intoned Ralph, "sleeping. I never called you. Least, not that I remember."

"Well," Bernice shrugged, "I'm here anyway. How about some fish?"
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I am Spartacus
16 August 2009 @ 02:27 pm
Back in September of 2008, I promised to upload a screenshot of my ancient Quadra 660AV when I got it working again. Well, I did get it working again... and yes, I totally forgot about uploading a screenshot.

Not that anyone really cares about seeing it, but...

So there you go. My word is kept.

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I am Spartacus
01 July 2009 @ 10:11 pm

I'm entering this entry with my WiFi-enabled iPod Touch.

I haven't felt this geeky since I typed one in by stylus on my Palm Tungsten E2 like three years ago. My Palm is still alive, though it has invariably seen better days (the touchscreen doesn't like to calibrate anymore, for one, so you're always hitting just to the left of what you want), but since technology has been screaming past me... I figured it was time.

I didn't get an iPhone... frankly, I think they're overrated, and I cringe at the though of being stuck with AT&T forever. And, to that extent, this thing is proving to be up to the task -- and then some. Hell, it even knows where I am!

Now, if that ain't creepy, I dunno what is.

That is all.


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I am Spartacus
03 February 2009 @ 12:36 am
The computer that I normally use at my job, the so-called "assistant manager's computer", is a 2.8Ghz Celeron-powered eMachines... thing. I have no model number for it, because it's generic, so I can't link to a website or anything.

Well, I have finally made my full transition into the role of assistant unit manager. They told me to "make the job your own", and so I have... and part of that involved pulling off a huge coup, and replacing that tired old eMachines with... actually, an even older iMac G3:

Ye Olde iMac G3

And get this... this little 600Mhz PowerPC G3-powered iMac, with 768MB of RAM and OS10.4.11, runs CIRCLES around that 2.8Ghz eMachines behemoth. Like, seriously! Particularly in situations that call for connecting to the remote machines... because part of what we do requires us connect remotely to a mainframe in Raritan. And Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection for Mac works about ten thousand times better than it does on the PC. No joke!

By far, though, the coolest thing is this:

The Majesty of Transparency

You can see inside the thing, Man!

I remember when Molly had one of these, a purple one, back in the days when I was still using either a PowerMac 6100 (which I still have, by the way) or a Centris 610 (which I don't have, but I do have a Quadra 660AV, which was kind of the same thing).

The iMac looks into infinity with the help of my MacBook's iSight

Yes sir, we've definitely come a long way.

It got me thinking, though, of what my top five favorite computers were. Like... the five best machines I have ever laid my hands on. Here, then, is my list:

#5: The Apple IIe
This is, of course, the first machine I ever saw or touched. My elementary school had a limited number of these things, on carts, and they wandered from classroom to classroom. When you were lucky, you got to use Bank Street Writer or Number Munchers or something. And once or twice a month they'd gather all the big, rolling carts into the art room and we'd learn Logo or something. This is what made me want a computer. BUT...

#4: The Mac 128K
It wasn't until the original Macintosh stumbled into my school's newly christened "computer lab" that I really fell in love with computers. This is the machine that got me bugging my family for a computer.

#3: The PowerMac 5400
I'd had a couple of Macs by the time I acquired my 5400, but the 5400 is where it all started to fall together and make sense. People malign these machines, but it really was the first Mac that I could really upgrade. I remember that mine had a bad hard drive, so I went out and bought a 20GB Maxtor drive for something like $80. My brother and I went on a monumental search for the bizarre RAM DIMMs the thing used, and it was the first computer that I had that used USB (via a PCI card that I installed myself). It had a built-in microphone and I remember experimenting with a very primitive AIM audio-chat with my friend Jamie. It only had MacOS 8.6 (I hadn't even made the leap to OS9), but I liked it so much that, when the internal monitor started to go bad, instead of upgrading to a newer Mac which was in my price range, I instead bought a PowerMac 6400, which is based on the exact same "Alchemy" motherboard, so I could just transfer over all the hardware and stuff.

#2: The MacBook
I got a 2.1Ghz MacBook for my birthday, and it is the machine that has become attached to my side. This computer has taken the coolness of any other computer you can get, and mushed it all into a notebook computer that I can take with me wherever I frikkin' go! I'm using it now. Chances are, if you read an email from me, it was written on it. If you see me on AIM, you're catching me using it.

When on the road, it operates as a normal laptop, with a trackpad and all that portability and power. But when home, it transforms into a very powerful desktop system, with a 17" LCD monitor, external iSight camera, Altec Lansing speakers, USB2 backup drive, Apple aluminum keyboard and Logitech optical mouse. She is, simply, second to none.

And this might seem strange, but...

#1: The Commodore 64
It's old. It's obsolete. It's not a Mac OR a PC. But the C64 was the first computer that I had. It was the original computer that my grandfather bought me for Christmas in 1986. And it was from this computer that all my knowledge came from.

From the Commodore 64, I taught myself how to program. I learned not only the commands, but what they MEANT. I taught myself BASIC and 65xx Assembly Language with the C64 and without it I never would have figured out 680x0 Assembly or, more recently, x86 Assembly. I learned to do things on the C64 that the C64 was, frankly, not meant to do. The Commodore 64 is, in short, the benchmark by which all future systems are judged:

I've talked enough for tonight, and I have to get back to work, so... that is all.

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I am Spartacus
15 November 2008 @ 12:02 pm
Something I find amusing... if you do a Google image search for my name, you in fact find a picture not of me...

... but of Andrew. Andrew is a friend and colleague that I have known for quite some time, but he is definitely not me.

Sometimes, I love the internet.

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